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Cloud Software

Learn more about how programmable cloud software can consolidate data and automation improving the growth and productivity of a companies operations.

Communicate by Qix

Communicate with everyone from a single dashboard .

Reception by Qix

View and track automated events and tasks from a single dashboard.

Manager by Qix

Manage contacts and profile progress from a single dashboard.

Cloud Applications

Learn more about how IoT can improve your operations productivity and provide unique products and experiences for your clients.

Convert any device into a kiosk for check-in or point of sale. The app is able for all android tablets.

Develop an app catered to your audience. The Qix Mobile service offers an app powered by the CRM suite. Go Mobile & Go Global.

Develop an app catered to your audience. The Qix Mobile service offers an app powered by the CRM suite. Go Mobile & Go Global.

Develop an app catered to your audience. The Qix Mobile service offers an app powered by the CRM suite. Go Mobile & Go Global.

Develop an app catered to your audience. The Qix Mobile service offers an app powered by the CRM suite. Go Mobile & Go Global.

Manage your Money with Marmalade.

Law firms are using cloud technology

Learn more about what a Law firm using Qix looks like!

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Are you a cloud lawyer?

Feature Showcase

This section displays some of the no-brainer proprietary features that our competitors, for some reason, do not care to provide.

Automate Tasks & Events to streamline operations

Easily manage your online integrations and programmable events.

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“I'm loving the flexibility that Qix online booking provides for my customers”

Harness the power of Engagement.

Deliver notifications that engage and inform your clients.

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“The contact manager is a big help in increasing our engagement with customers.”

Our platform makes your business, multi-lingual.

The platform tracks your customers native language making sure they can read appointments, notifications and your website.

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“The language ID settings is a dream come true for my spanish speaking customers.”


Automation Pays off 

Provided by Postclick, Inc.
of businesses using cloud automation anticipate at least 10% revenue growth over the next year
of the most established IT companies say that customer experience has benefited from cloud automation
Businesses that offer cloud automation may gain 5 times more clients than traditional companies

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work smarter, not harder.

Qix provides many integrations, themes, plugins and apps that help you create a stable and efficient work space.

Google Cloud






Google Calendar

Scales with your business

Never overpay. Our vision is to supply enterprise solutions to small businesses at a fraction of the cost.


$ 99
per month
  • Communicate
  • Reception
  • Manager
  • Google Calendar
  • 1 Secure Check-in
  • 1 Bookable Item
  • Meruscase
  • Mobile App
  • WordPress
Go Basic
Best Value


$ 499
per month
  • Communicate
  • Reception
  • Manager
  • Google Calendar
  • Unlimited Secure Check-in
  • Unlimited Bookable Items
  • Metrics
  • Live Support
  • Data Back Ups
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It is a little difficult to understand the capabilities that our platform provides for businesses in the beginning. That’s why we want to be able to answer all your questions.

Our Platform supports upgrading, downgrading, and even custom-tailoring. We do custom-tailoring if your business needs exceed the plans that we provide.

Our platform runs on an optimized version of WordPress. So if your site is built on WordPress then migration can take less than an hour. If you do not use WordPress we will gladly design a duplicate website that is exactly the same for FREE.

The cool thing about Qix is that it is a fully DIY platform but if you aren't a tech guru we can install everything you want. But there is a catch.

Personal accounts we charge $250-$500 depending on your request (including customizations).

Premium accounts we will gladly install anything for you for FREE (including customizations).

Installation is very easy and straight forward using the Qix Kiosk app available on Google Play.

For physical kiosks, we provide quotes and recommendations on what kind of tablet and kiosk stand you should have based on your lobby environment and professional standards.

If you have a premium account we will gladly set up everything for you even pay for a technician to come into your business set everything up and walk you through a tutorial.

Qix hosts all online booking interactions. This means if you do not use Qix for your website or are not integrated with the Qix connect API then you can simply create a button link to direct your customers to your bookable items. You can set up bookable items from your 'back-office' dashboard.

See the Help Center for more details.


Here at Qix, we believe that no one should overpay, especially if you have a small business. That is why we have a program for any company that caters to their exact needs. We base tailoring on three aspects, traffic, accounts, and usage. 

You can only get a custom plan if you have been a customer for more than six months because we use data to determine the tailoring.

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