Communication is key
Communicate with everyone from a single dashboard.

"What really turned me on was the ability to communicate with clients using text messaging or whatever method the client prefers!"
Kathie Doe
Smart Office user

Communicate is a 5th Tier chatting software.
More capabilities that give you more freedom.

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What is a 5th Tier chatting software?
Every possible feature a business needs in a chatting software.

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Did we mention chatting couldn't be anymore seamless?

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Did we mention every feature ever?


Mobile App, Text, Website and Email. Communications couldn't be anymore seamless.

Built-in Auto-Translation

Send a message in english and your clients receives it in their language.

Document Direct Uploads

Receive documents in the chat and directly upload those files to your case management or client management system.

Works with your App

Get your clients hooked with your Mobile App by delivering messages directly to devices screen.


Deliver notifications to a clients email, text message inbox or mobile device via your App.

Marketing Tools

Understand your clients by collecting analytics and delivering custom marketing campaigns using multiple notification channels.

Its Seamless and powerful

Skip the headache and get the chatting software youve been waiting for.