This is Qix

Our mission is to offer unrivaled mobile apps and cloud services.

Value Proposition for Clients

The fastest and most exciting method of building a mobile app for your business. Why does a company need a mobile app? Well growth of course!

Every fortune 500 company on the stock market have all generated massive growth and returns by adding a mobile app to the list of their business assets. A mobile app is a technology asset that gives the company power over its data and removes any third-party services involved in user acquisition and retention. 

Not having a mobile app will cost you customers. Clients are choosing the company with an app over others that do not.

Regardless if you are selling pizza or legal services, a mobile app boosts retention by 30%

Only having a website, using email and filing papers would have made it impossible for Dominoes or Amazon to grow to their current size. 

Domino’s Pizza Group says it’s now a “truly digital-first business”, with 91.2% of its sales taking place online, and 42% of system sales via its new mobile app.

Value Proposition for Investors

The Qix Cloud Inc is a licensed corporation of California and is in the business of provisioning mobile apps and cloud technology.

We sell mobile apps and cloud technology. Not only do we sell pre-fabricated apps but we also develop originals and spin-offs. The second side of our business is the aggregation of cloud technology. Cloud technologies that we focus on are API’s, IoT, Web Apps, and hosting. 

Mobile Apps

Web Hosting

IoT products

Web Applications