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Step 3: Adding Clients

Adding new cilents with Qix

Written by alex
Last updated 1 year ago

Now that your firm has created accounts for the staff/employees let’s go over how to add your clients into your Qix Suite.

Account Activation

If the client has an account already, remember to Activate the Clients account to give them complete access to the app. If they are not activated they can only use the chat.

A. After you Add/Sign up a client, remember to activate their account.

    • To activate their account, Open manager
    • Search the Client to be activated
    • Click the 3 dots under option
    • Click “Activate”

B. Bulk activate

    1. Open manager
    2. Select the Clients that need their account activated
    3. Open “Tools”
    4. Click “Activate

Creating a New Conversation

  1. Create a New Conversation using their phone number
  2. Another way to add new clients into Qix is by creating a new conversation with that client in Communicate.
  3. Start by clicking “Create New” in the “Conversations” tab of Communicate:
  1. Insert the new client’s phone number into the provided box, then click “create.”

You can then edit that new client’s information using the Tools section in the right sidebar.

Sign up Through the App

  1. The client downloads and creates their account by signing up
    • Upon downloading your app, the client will be taken to the login/sign-up screen
  1. Once the client clicks “Sign Up,” they will input a few intake details.
    • The client’s intake information will be sent to Manager, where a staff member can then Activate that client [See Step #6].
  1. After the client activation, the client will then be taken to their dashboard.

4. The client will then simply have to input their phone number into the “sign-in” box for future logins. The client can additionally turn on Face ID (Apple users).

The bottom icons are as follows:

  • Inbox (left)
    • When staff members request or send documents, signatures, and questions [See Step #5], those notifications will appear in the client’s Inbox.
  • Appointments (right)
    • Once appointments are scheduled for the client (or they schedule one for themselves using the “Add Appointment” button on the dashboard), they will appear in the appointments section of the app.

The client can then continue to chat with the staff by tapping the menu button in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard, and tapping “Chat with Support.”

5. The menu also includes helpful tools for the client such as a term glossary (“Glossary”) for words which may be confusing in your firm’s industry or practice area.

  • Similarly, the client has access to frequently asked questions about your firm’s industry or practice area, as well as their case (“Questions”).

6. Once you have your social media accounts linked in the Qix settings, the client will have the option to be taken directly to that chosen page/account by clicking “Give a Like” at the bottom of the menu bar.

Add New Contact

  1. Manually add a new contact in the manager
  2. Navigate to Qix Manager using the menu bar by locating and clicking the “M.”
  1. Click “Tools” in the upper left-hand corner of the software window.
  1. Click “Add New”
  1. Please fill out that client’s details into the boxes provided.


  1. Import a list of clients using csv file
  1. You can also utilize the “import” feature in the same “Tools” tab from Step II

Choose a [.csv] or [.xlsx] file including a client list.


  1. If your case management software is connected to Qix, the appointment system will create new client accounts automatically if they don’t match an existing account. 
    • The appointment system uses the name and phone number associated with the appointment to create the new client account.
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