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Step 8: Appointment Notifications

One of the most powerful tools in your Qix suite is the notifications feature. Qix…

Written by alex
Last updated 3 months ago

One of the most powerful tools in your Qix suite is the notifications feature.

Qix allows your firm to customize which appointments and events your clients get notified for, and via which platform/delivery method!

Let’s go over the details on how to create appointment notifications using the various Qix products, and how to create automated notifications as well.

Editing Appointment Notifications:

Once an appointment is created in either Qix or your case management software (CMS), that appointment will appear in Qix Reception.

To edit which events get synced between Qix and the CMS:

  • Navigate to “Plugins” in the left side-bar

  • Click on your CMS’s logo (i.e. MerusCase)

  • Click “Sync Events

  • A list will appear with all event types that are already created in your CMS:

It is important that your firm checks the applicable boxes with the appointment types that your clients should be notified for.

  • Many event types do not necessarily need a client notification, if that is the case please make sure that switch is turned to “OFF
  • Want to edit one of the event notification types? Simply click “Customize” next to the event type.

  • Click “Advanced/Reminder” and make applicable edits (text, date, format, etc.)

  • Be sure to check both the “Advanced” and “reminder” tabs to make sure you have it customized completely to your liking! You can always click “Preview” to take a glance at the notification the client would receive.

Want to create a new event and reminder type? Navigate to your CMS, create that event type, come back to Qix Plugins, and click “Sync Events” again.

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