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Step 6: Managing Online Booking

One of the main Qix peripheral tools available to you is online booking! Read this…

Alex Meynard
Written by Alex Meynard
Last updated 4 weeks ago

One of the main Qix peripheral tools available to you is online booking! Read this walk-through to understand how to access and utilize Qix Booking!

1. You can access your firm’s Qix Booking tool by clicking the Apps icon, denoted as a light-grey “A” in the left sidebar, and choosing ‘Booking.’
Next, choose the “Book” icon:

2. Within Booking, you will be shown a metrics chart portraying the amount of appointments booked in a given time, this is your Qix Metrics page:

2a. Below that you will see a chart showing the comparison in language preferences which your clients use:

3. Let’s get familiar with the various Booking pages. You can access these pages through the icons in the upper-center of your Booking App, they are as follows (from left to right):
  1. Metrics
  2. Messaging and Notification Settings
  3. Staff & Admin List and Preferences
  4. Appointment Calendar Settings
  5. Additional Calendar Settings

3a. Click on the 2nd icon from the left to access Messaging and Notification Settings:

Toggle the various switches to change your notification preferences for clients.

3b. Click on the 3rd icon from the left to access your Staff and Administrator List Settings/Preferences:

Add staff members and admins by clicking on the blue plus marks (” + “) next to “Staff List” and “Store Admin List.”

3c. Click on the 2nd icon from the right to access your appointment calendar settings:

Create appointment categories, such as “appointment at law firm” by clicking the ‘New Category Button; you can then create new appointments with ‘New Item’ Button.
By clicking on a specific item in the list, information about that item will populate on the left.

3d. Click on the 1st icon from the right to access additional calendar and appointment settings:

Your firm will have to insert a redirect URL to your connect lobby in the bottom field. To access your Connect Lobby, click the “view” button beside it (upper left of window).

Now that you understand Qix Booking, let’s take a look at the main Qix dashboard in the following step.

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