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Step 2: Adding Staff Accounts

This step of the Staff Tutorials will show you how to add staff accounts in Qix.

Written by alex
Last updated 3 months ago

Now that you have successfully signed in to your Qix Suite let’s go over how to onboard your staff into Qix.

Adding a New Staff User

  1. Click “Advanced Tools” in the left sidebar of the Qix suite.

2. Scroll down, then click “Users.”

3. Click “Add New” in the upper left corner of your software window.

4. Provide the staff member with a username for login [such as their name], and their role [Staff OR Administrator]

5. The staff member will receive their login password from Qix Support in the email provided in the previous step. That staff member can then login and begin using their Qix account.

A. Have staff members watch the introduction videos upon their first login.

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