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Step 4: Getting your Clients on the App

Getting clients onto your app

Written by alex
Last updated 3 months ago

Reach more people and stay connected by sharing your mobile app with the world. Sharing your app with everyone never hurts and anyone that has your app downloaded means future business! 

Sharing your App

Want to share your app to current and potential clients? Here’s how:

  1. Copy your app download page link from Communicate.
    • Simply click the “App Link” button at the top of the window and it will be copied to your clipboard.
  2. Marketing Campaigns [See next section]
  3. QR Code
    • Qix will provide your firm with a QR code linking to the app download page.
    • This QR code can be placed anywhere, and potential clients can easily scan, sign up, and start chatting.

Marketing Campaigns

  1. In Manager, click “marketing”
  1. Select “Messages”
  1. Please fill out the provided boxes with the message you are trying to send. In this case, write in your intention for that client to download and begin using your new Qix app. Example:

You can access your firm’s app download page link in Communicate by clicking “App Link” (it will automatically be copied to your clipboard).

You can additionally access your firm’s Qix phone number by clicking “Phone Number”

4.  Click “add new” to create that custom referral message.

5. Click the Back arrow and choose “Campaigns” (also under the Marketing tab).

6. Create a campaign that requests clients to download your app. Please fill out the boxes and make sure to choose the custom message you created previously in the drop-down menu.

Be sure to select your audience (the clients you have added already) with the drop-down menu on the right side and the method of which the campaign will send that message to the client. In this case, choose SMS.

7.  Launch your campaign and watch as users start downloading the app and messaging you!

Did the Cilent Download the App?

There are 2 ways you can check if a client downloaded your app:

  1. Open Communicate and check their conversation.
    • If they have an Apple or Android icon on the top of the chat window then that means the client downloaded the app.
      • It will show each icon depending on the type of smartphone the app is downloaded on (i.e. Apple icon will show if they use an iPhone).
  2. Open Manager and Open “Search & Filter”

Click the “non-app users” option to view all of the clients who have not yet downloaded your app.

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